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White Storm

Born to be Unbeatable

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We designed the White Storm PRO jump tip in a way that allows the cue ball to react immediately to the shot, enabling easy jumps without any delay or slipping on the spot.

Simultaneously, the White Storm tip minimizes deflection in the jump shot, resulting in incredible control and accuracy. The chalk retention of this tip is so exceptional that missing a cue with it is nearly impossible.

The potential of this pure performance tip extends far beyond your perceived limits. Unlock its full capabilities and surpass your expectations.


Use it for: Jump.



Jumping tips

- Be light and fast with cue.
- Adjust dome according to your skill.   
- More rounded = more skill.
- Ball will jump from the spot.
- Allow for bigger jumps than you expect, then adjust your stroke.
- It’s possible to control the cue ball with all spins without miss cue.


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