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The Secret Weapon for Your Explosive Break

A4-Black Storm1-VerticalBanner.jpg


Breaking tips

- Intuitive to control the cue ball.
- Very easy to split the pack.

- Be light and fast with cue or just raw power.
- Adjust dome according to your skill.   
- More rounded = more skill.
- It’s possible to control the cue ball with all spins without miss cue.


The Black Storm was crafted with the mindset of surpassing all other cue tips of its kind that are presently available. Consequently, the Black Storm delivers an exceptional spin transfer, even with the softest or most forceful of strokes, resulting in a consistently low deflection shot, heightened durability, and an enhanced sense of feel. This level of performance aligns with the expectations of a cutting-edge professional breaking tip.

Tech description

- Durability: Very High.
- Feel: Medium/Hard touch.
- Speed/Performance: Ultra High.
- Shot Deflection: Low.
- Spin Retention: Very good.

Use it for: Break (mix double cues break/jump).

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