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Choose the Beast Way to Win the Game

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The innovation behind the Beast Pro Leather H sets it apart as the premier choice among cue tips in its category. This meticulous design yields unparalleled spin transfer, making it a prized asset for high-speed gameplay. Its extended lifespan, coupled with minimal mushrooming, ensures consistent low-deflection shots. The performance of the Pro H leather tip truly lives up to the standards expected of a top-tier professional option.

Sporting an elegant green hue, this cue tip is easily recognizable and always a reliable partner, ready for any shot you wish to take on. When it comes to pivotal moments, the choice is evident – the Beast Pro Leather H is your go-to, ensuring every crucial shot is executed with unwavering confidence.


Green-Pro Leather H-produto.jpg


Tech description

-- Durability: High.
- Feel: Medium.
- Speed/Performance: High/Above all others H Leather Tips.
- Playability: Precision and Speed Play.

- Shot Deflection: Low.

- Spin Retention: Very good.
It gives you power and precision.

Use it for: Playing.

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