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Bring the Light to Your Game


The Helios - Pro Leather S is engineered to to surpass all other cue tip in its category. As a result, the Helios tip delivers enhanced spin transfer, even with gentle strokes, crafting a consistent low deflection shot every instance regardless using wood or carbon fiber shafts. Amazing shock retention that gives superior spin transfer. Mushrooming less than expected (when compared to other S tips). It touts an elevated durability and tactile experience, matching the performance standards expected from a top-tier Pro S leather tip.

This vibrant yellow tip is both distinctive and dependable, serving as a loyal partner for every shot you tackle. It effortlessly excels in any game, making it the ideal option for all your important moves and turning every decision into an effortless one.




Tech description

-- Durability: High.
- Feel: Soft/Medium.
- Speed/Performance: High/Above all others S Leather Tips.
- Playability: Precision and Technical Play.

- Shot Deflection: Low.

- Spin Retention: Very good.
It gives you power and precision.

Use it for: Playing.

Helios-Pro Leather S product-preorder.jpg
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