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Kelly Fisher

"The Horo Tips products definitely improved my performance"

The world champion and billiards legend, Kelly Fisher, reveals why she decided to become a family member of the innovative billiard handmade tips brand

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Since the World Champion and billiard legend Kelly Fisher, also known as KwikFire, tried Horo Tips for the first time a year ago, she has fallen in love with them. That's the reason why she is now an official member of the Horo Tips family.  

“I decided to become part of the Horo Tips family because I truly loved the products. I was given a sample one year ago at the World Games, I then went to Austria where I met Nelson (one of the Horo Tips owners) along with some other Horo Tips family members. I remember thinking, these are genuine, lovely people who want to enhance their products to the best, using practical knowledge, innovation and the highest quality materials to do so. I felt a strong connection because they share the same love and passion that I have,” Kelly explains.

The World Champion, from the United Kingdom, started by trying out the Horo’s dedicated break tip and was so surprised by the big difference she noticed that she never stopped using it: “I put one on and sampled it, and I really, really liked the feeling of the hit that the tip gave me on my break.” Kelly Fisher adds, “I saw a significant improvement, not only in the control but also that I didn't need as much power to create more force. I feel that it really improved my overall break immensely. Later, I was provided with a jump tip, and again, I noticed a huge difference. It definitely helped by making jumping easy and again with more control. I have no doubt that the Horo’s ‘White Storm’ certainly improved my jumping skills!”


Asked to detail more about these tips, Kelly assures: “If I were to describe each of them, I would start by explaining the White Storm jump tip, being much easier to jump with less effort and also greatly improving the control I have within the jump. You can see that clearly in my latest video from the last tournament; it was hill hill and I played the most perfect jump, not only making the shot but also landing in the perfect position for the new next ball, which won me the match. Don’t get me wrong, I can't do that all the time, but it's certainly improved my accuracy and consistency in jumping.    
As for the Black Storm break tip, yeah, my break has improved immensely with the control and the power behind it.”
The world champion goes further in her explanation, mentioning what she truly feels when using the Horo break tip: “If I were to break at a power level six break speed with the Black Storm, it would generate the power of a seven or eight. Even if my arm speed were at a level six, if you know what I mean! So, it definitely generates more power and speed for the cue ball with less effort needed. There's also excellent control over the cue ball, which is the most important thing.”

Kelly has been trying out all the Horo tips, and soon, she will also be trying out the new ones for playing. She says, by the way: “I have tried them all. I have tried the Gold Rush (a discontinued product) also. I actually liked the Gold tip, but I do see a big improvement in the Black Storm. I have not tried the playing tips yet but I will be doing so very soon.”


Asked whether all the differences she notices with the Horo Tips products are useful for only professional pool players or also for amateurs, Kelly replies without any hesitation: “They will make a significant difference to any player, regardless of the level they are at.”

To conclude, we asked Kelly Fisher about her plans for the future in the world of pool and to what extent she thinks Horo Tips can help her achieve them. She replies: “I’m planning to continue for as long as I can. And whilst I am still winning & most importantly, still performing well. For that, I need every bit of help I can get, having very good quality playing, break, and jumping tips is very important. Breaking is even more crucial in the game of nine and ten ball, for sure.     
As we all know, a big important part of the game is to be happy with your equipment, and Horo Tips has definitely increased my confidence in my equipment. I feel that they're going to help me achieve all the goals I have, which is to keep winning tournaments and play well. If I perform well, I can reach any goal. Horo Tips will help me to do that.”

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