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ODYSSEY Pro Leather M

Perfect blend of Performance, Durability and Feel


The Odyssey - Pro Leather M is engineered to outshine any other cue tip in its current category. As a result, the Odyssey Pro Leather M delivers enhanced spin transfer, even with gentle strokes, crafting a consistent low deflection shot every instance. It touts an elevated durability and tactile experience, matching the performance standards expected from a top-tier Pro M leather tip.

This beautiful blue cue tip is easily identifiable and always a faithful companion, ready to shine in any shot you wish to take on. It's the obvious choice for all decisive shots, making every selection a no-brainer.


Tech description

-- Durability: Very good.
- Feel: Medium.
- Speed/Performance: High/Above all others M Leather Tips.
- Playability: Precision and Technical Play.

- Shot Deflection: Low.

- Spin Retention: Good to very good.
It gives you precision and efficiency.

Use it for: Playing.

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